Continuous growth in 47 years

Epple Maschinen® delivers high quality products with extensive standard equipment. Our machines offer exceptionally good value for money. They are ideal for industry, commerce, trade, construction, agriculture and training centers.

Epple Maschinen® are manufactured under strict quality control. Achieving optimum functionality through easy handling and convenient ergonomics is our motto. We want you, the customer, acquire the highest level of performance, value and benefits. That's why we continually invest in the development and quality assurance of the machines.

Products from Epple Maschinen® are distinguished by their durability and lasting value. For over 42 years, countless clients from large and small businesses, government agencies, municipalities and universities around the world trust our products. This success encourages us to continue to offer you the highest level of customer service and within a very good price-performance ratio.

Karsten K. S. Epple

Epple Maschinen® has a direct influence in the production order to facilitate the purchase decision for the requirements, needs and budget as well as your application corresponding right machine, we have our brand years ago: Standard, E-Line and HIGHLINE.

Machinery from China / Taiwan for the budget conscious, professional craftsmen and industrial operations Epple Maschinen ® are manufactured exclusively or especially for our needs for years under stringent quality requirements with direct engagement in the production. There are similar products on the market that do not the quality standard of long Epple Maschinen®. Epple Maschinen® are produced with carefully selected, major manufacturing companies and manufacturers who can meet our high quality requirements. The findings from our decades of experience serving the constant development and improvement of our products. A lively exchange from the planning phase through to the finished product by our highly qualified technical team and the production site is for us of the utmost importance. The products will be checked again by our Quality Supervisor on site. This will give you at Epple Maschinen® sophisticated, high-quality machines at an exceptionally good price-performance ratio.

Products from Epple Maschinen® are therefore partially copied for years.
So choose for the originals of Epple Maschinen®.
Epple Maschinen® is available in all good retailers.


Machines for the discerning, west-industrial - European - oriented craft and industrial users
all machines of the E-Line series are by a reputable, Western-industrial and the Epple Maschinen GmbH closely
related manufacturers with decades of experience for the brand Epple Maschinen®.

HIGHLINE products are designed by the Epple Maschinen GmbH, developed, designed and presented in
a modern and sophisticated design. The machines are ​​in a joint-venture exclusively for the
brand Epple Maschinen®. The outstanding properties of our product HIGHLINE-line assure
quality at the highest level at an unprecedented price-performance level in this industry class.


Epple Maschinen® has
over 39 successful years with continuous growth and over 20 years of international experience in the second generation.


Epple Maschinen® are marketed by your competent local dealer.
Way, you have a nationwide network of specialist dealers in Germany.

International partners

Epple Maschinen® are marketed through our importers in many European countries. Outside Europe,
we have partnered with several national importers, brand in the respective countries.


Our ​​after-sales service is also years after the purchase. We maintain an extensive stock of spare parts in our home, which guarantees you the functionality and value of your machine for years to come. In addition, our engineering department for your questions and requests is in the corporate office at your disposal - without expensive Hotline.

Our ability to deliver large warehouse at its headquarters in Wiesensteig guarantees high deliverability. Orders are processed and delivered in the shortest possible time machines at short notice. Costly delays and production losses will therefore be spared.

Epple Maschinen® is constantly striving to serve its customers to deliver quality machines within an extremely interesting for price-performance ratio. Each machine is subject to strict quality controls according to a defined test key. This ensures that you make with our products a good purchase for years to come.


Particular emphasis is on Epple Maschinen® for years on customer requirements and customer demands. Market needs and customer requirements incorporated to create the optimum conditions for high quality products at Epple Maschinen® in the products.

For years development, we deal with the development of machines. With the independent development of the new HIGHLINE series of Epple Maschinen® another element to the already existing powerful program has been added. Through the establishment of a joint venture with a renowned industry for decades Drills manufacturer, we are now able to offer quality industrial machines at an unbeatable price with really comparable machines.

Market monitoring

market analyzes made ​​clear that, particularly in the area of conventional user a great demand for high quality equipment is available at a very good price-performance ratio in truly comparable products.

Field tests

are constantly being carried out by our service staff application tests to meet the high requirements of our customers Epple Maschinen ® to meet.

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